The AI Revolution: Future Unveiled

Subharun Pal, Dr. Kusuma Kumari B M, Dr. Razauddin, Dr. Sarika Kadam and Dr. Abhisek Saha


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138 pages


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About The Editors

Subharun Pal, an ardent proponent of assimilating erudition from myriad disciplines, indefatigably strives to amalgamate these diverse spheres to address and surmount societal enigmas. Presently, he devotes himself to the pursuit of a distinguished triumvirate of academic accolades: a Doctor of Business Administration from the revered Swiss School of Management in Bellinzona, Switzerland; a Professional Doctorate in Education conferred by the European International University, ensconced in the resplendent Parisian metropolis, France; an MTech (Ex.) bestowed by the eminent 'Indian Institute of Technology Jammu' in Jammu & Kashmir, India; and an EMBA in Finance from 'Indian Institute of Technology Patna', Patna, Bihar.

Mr. Pal's proficiency spans a decade of immersion in multifarious aspects of the e-commerce ambit, including Business Analytics, Business Intelligence,

Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, thereby accumulating a copious reservoir of adeptness. His peerless contributions to antecedent establishments have culminated in a cornucopia of eulogies and laudatory dispatches.

Antecedent to undertaking his doctoral pursuits, Mr. Pal secured an MPhil in Management from Dr. CV Raman University in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India, an MBA in Information Systems from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, and an MTech in Computer Science Engineering from Karnataka State Open University in Mysore, India. Moreover, he has completed Executive Programs in Applied Finance from the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata and Ranchi, India, and claims a Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management from the Confederation of Indian Industry in Chennai, India, with the Indian Institute of Materials Management as a knowledge consort, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law from the esteemed National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata, India.

In conjunction with his already impressive compendium of qualifications, Mr. Pal has amassed a diverse panoply of certifications, including Prince2 Practitioner from APMG, LSSBB from ISEL Global, and Combined Lead Auditor Training Certification in ISMS/ITSMS/BCM from Exemplar Global, as well as ITIL from Tüv Süd Akademie Gmbh. Furthermore, he proudly holds certifications in CEHv6 from EC Council, CCNP from Cisco, MCSE from Microsoft, SCJP and SCWCD from Sun Microsystems, and Linux system administrator from NIIT. Additionally, he has obtained certifications in Statistical Techniques for Data Mining & Business Analytics from the Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore, Karnataka, Contract Management and Public Procurement from The World Bank in the USA, and Cyber law from Indian Law Institute in Delhi, India. He has also received tutelage in HR Management from Singapore Human Resource Institute and International Arbitration from Singapore International Arbitration Centre, both domiciled in Singapore.

Subharun, an accomplished academician proficient in a multitude of disciplines and possessing expertise in several distinct fields, has promulgated his research conclusions via an extensive collection of fifteen indices sanctioned, peer-scrutinised periodicals of both national and international acclaim. Beyond his individual pursuits, he has been integrally involved in the penning of a series of five academic tomes, in addition to making indispensable contributions to a limitless anthology of book chapters. His intellectual eminence has punctuated a myriad of colloquia and congresses, not merely within the territorial borders of our nation, but also permeating the echelons of international academic discourse.

Mr. Pal has amassed a substantial collection of commendations, including the highly regarded 'Best Supply Chain Professional Excellence Award 2023', a recognition conferred upon him by the 'Global Research

Conference Forum'. Further notable acknowledgments include the 'Senior Scientist Award -2023' bestowed by the 'Council of Research and Sustainable Development', India, an accolade jointly conferred by the 'Society of Education', India, and the 'European Laser Academy', Germany. Furthermore, he has been the recipient of the 'Aspiring Icon 2K23 Award', a tribute by the 'Inspiring Icon Magazine', as well as the 'National Youth Icon Award', a distinction conferred by the 'Magic Book of Records', with both establishments being rooted in India.

During his leisure hours, he indulges in his passion for peripatetic adventures, seizing opportunities to traverse enigmatic and mesmerising terrains. Additionally, he delves into erudite endeavours, predominantly concentrating on augmenting his understanding of the intricate spheres of management, jurisprudence, education, engineering, and cutting-edge technologies. An indefatigable polymath, Mr. Pal persistently seeks to enrich his repertoire of knowledge and skills, steadfast in his commitment to employ his intellectual capital in service of addressing pressing societal quandaries.

As a keen advocate for the cross-pollination of ideas, Mr. Pal frequently participates in interdisciplinary collaborations and projects, seeking to foster innovation and engender transformative solutions through the convergence of distinct fields. His endeavours have resulted in the inception of novel approaches to addressing contemporary challenges, often transcending traditional boundaries to create synergistic outcomes.

Mr. Pal's propensity for mentorship and fostering the growth of others has also led him to assume various pedagogical roles, both formal and informal, within academic and professional settings. His dedication to the diffusion of knowledge and the nurturing of nascent talent has cultivated a rich legacy of individuals emboldened to pursue their own intellectual and professional aspirations.

In sum, Subharun Pal stands as a testament to the power of interdisciplinary acumen, the pursuit of personal and intellectual growth, and the indomitable spirit of inquiry. His life's work encapsulates a profound commitment to utilising his multifaceted expertise in service of surmounting societal challenges, inspiring the next generation of thinkers, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Dr. Kusuma Kumari B.M., is working as an MCA Coordinator and Assistant Professor in the Department of Studies and Research in Computer Applications at Tumkur University. She was awarded her doctorate from Tumkur University and has 17 years of teaching experience in academics. Her most recent research interests are in digital image processing, Artificial Intelligence and software engineering. She has presented 22 papers at national and international conferences and published more than 25 research papers in reputed refereed journals.

Dr. Razauddin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science, Gulf College, Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia. He has more than 10 years of university teaching experience. He holds a doctorate in computer science with a major in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. He has published articles in national and international journals on AI, deep learning and computer science. He has attended international conferences and presented papers. His research interests focus primarily on AI and cybersecurity.

Asst. Prof. Sarika Kadam-Jadhav , is having an excellent academic career. Her teaching experience covers a span of 16 years and acting as a facilitator to significantly enhance the classroom learning environment and promote student-centered learning and create positive learning opportunities. She is currently involved in publishing papers in reputed Scopus Indexed journals and presenting them at both International and National Conferences. Her area of research is ANN and Deep Learning. She has contributed several research articles and research papers at various National and International conferences. Her research papers have been published in leading International Journals. She has a good hand on experience in web development including Advanced PHP, Javascript, AngularJS and Node Js. She has taught a variety of courses to diverse student groups. She has done certification in Software Testing from Bangalore and authored 8 textbooks in various domains of computer science. Her German Utility Patent has been published to solve the problems in the prior art technologies related to sound detection in multiple sound sources.

Dr. Abhisek Saha, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Tufanganj College, Cooch Behar, India. The career of Dr. Abhisek Saha spans over twenty-one years of academic, Research, and administrative responsibilities at various colleges, school, and universities.

Dr. Saha’s research interests are focused primarily on single crystal X-ray Diffraction, Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of transition metal Complexes. Later, he changed his research focus to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Next Generation Sequencing, DNA Sequence Analysis, Genome Sequencing, Comparative Genomics, DNA Analysis, DNA Sequence Alignment, and Sanger Sequencing. Dr. Saha published research papers in reputed National and International journals, edited chapter in books published by National and International publishers and presented his research papers in many National and International seminars, conferences and symposia.

Dr. Saha also renders his service as an editorial panel of National and International Journals. Dr. Saha was awarded National Scholarship of HRD, Govt. of India. The Air India, Govt. of India has awarded him the prestigious BOLT Award for his teaching efficiency in 2007. Dr. Saha was awarded the ‘Excellent Teacher Award’ on his overall contribution to the field of Chemistry at the International Conference on Sustainable Development Initiatives in South East Asia held in Nepal in 2022.

About The Book

"The AI Revolution: Future Unveiled" serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI). From its historical origins to its future prospects, the book unpacks the complexity of AI, illuminating how this transformative technology is shaping virtually every aspect of human life and society. Structured in twelve detailed chapters, the book explores the principles and workings of AI, its myriad applications across various sectors, the ethical and societal implications, and how we can prepare ourselves for an AI-dominant future. It strikes a balance between technical explanations for those interested in the inner workings of AI and broader discussions on AI's societal impacts that would be of interest to non-technical readers. The book delves into the different types of AI, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and robotics. It elucidates how these technologies are revolutionizing sectors like healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment. It also addresses the significant ethical, legal, and societal challenges posed by AI, from job displacement to privacy concerns, and presents thoughtful discussions on how these can be managed. In its later chapters, "The AI Revolution: Future Unveiled" ventures into the realm of the future, speculating on AI's trajectory and its potential impacts. It concludes by offering recommendations on how societies can adapt to and embrace the AI revolution, emphasizing the roles of education, policy-making, and public understanding. Supplementing the core chapters, a series of appendices provide a glossary of key AI terminologies, in-depth AI case studies, a list of renowned AI research institutes, and an overview of the legal regulations and guidelines for AI. "The AI Revolution: Future Unveiled" is not just a book about a technology; it is a book about our future. It invites readers—be they students, professionals, policymakers, or curious minds—to engage with this future, to understand it, to question it, and to participate in shaping it. Whether you are an AI novice or a tech enthusiast, this book will equip you with the knowledge and perspective to navigate the AI era with confidence and curiosity.